onsdag 15. juni 2011

Weather permitting !!!

After Sana's departure she had to go to Ellös were she has been produced at the Hallberg Rassy shipyard. There they changed the battery pack and the combi charger and inverter and hopefully now she will not experience more charging trouble.

How ever it has been the weather that has made the first leg a challange. Even though it has been blue sky in Skagerak it has been wind between 20-25 m/sec which forced Sana to go to Marstrand last night. On the video to right you see Sana surf in 16,2 knots which must have been a huge experience for the crew onboard.

Today the plan is to set course for the Kieler channel which is approximately 220 nm away which will be a sailing for about 30 hours. We all know that it's not possible to fight the weather but hope for better weather towards Kiel. Good luck guys.

Ship o'hoi

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