torsdag 30. juni 2011

Brighton to La Coruna. 3 1/2 day

The crew onboard Sana is very sorry for the delay of updating this blog. Due to some technical wifi problems and the fact that the crew was in desperately needs of some good food and a good drink yesterday :)

However we do have a LOT to report back home about. It's been a fantastic leg with wind, waves, swells, fog, big cargo vessels, small fishing boats, small and big fishes and of course some great sailing.

But the lets start out from Brighton. We tried the bread recipy from Knut Johan (from now on called K2) and headed out from Brighton Saturday evening. Even onboard and during our leg we baked and it's so much better to eat something which reminds you about the norwegian bread instead of the very white bread you can buy around these areas.

We aslo would like to say thanks to Mads at who was spot on in terms of the weather forecast which we posted last time. It was foggy, really foggy and from time to time we could not see more then 30-50 meters around the boat. That is normally not a problem onboard Sana as she is equipped with radar and AIS (AIS is a system who indentify your boat and others based on the VHF radio system were we can see all other boats around us if they have AIS. Then we also can see their CPA which stands for Closest Point of Arrival and adjust our course accordingly). The problem though is the others... who do not have radars or AIS signal. That along with some bad seamanship can result in some interesting episodes. But nothing seriously but we had to be awake and consentrate about what we do.

After 1 1/2 half day the fog let go and we could start to be only one on watch at the time. During the fog we were always two on watch and in the long run you get a little bit tired to go 4 hours on watch and only 2 hours off. So when the fog disappeared we started with the 2 hours on and 4 hours off. If you add that up you could if you want sleep for 16 hours during a day and have only 8 hours of steering. This was something I was not used too before I met Asle and Christian in Dover. "A nap a day, keeps the doctor way". They did not have a big excuse before they took a little seeping nap and I can say that same went for this leg as well. Only this time I was a huge part of it, even though I had some problems in the beginning I found my selves reading or sleeping most of my free watches.

We have though seen both dolfhins and whales and that was a great moment.

It's not true that we always slept when we did not have our watch. We had nice dinners and in lack of wifi during the trip, we started to use the Facebook non electronic. We poked each other and if somebody had a good comment we gave him the thumbs up and liked it :)

Tomorrow Asle will leave back home and Marianne, Kristoffer, Hege, Kaja and Herman will arrive and we will start the holliday and the "job" in transport Sana south to Faro at the Algarve coast.

Until next time we onboard Sana would like to wich everyone a great summer and as always - Ship ahoy :)

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