fredag 10. juni 2011

More preparations

In light winds and some rain, Christian and myself, and Ole Morten, tested our new gennaker together with Pål Berntsen from With Marine. It worked exactly as we had thought and with the light wind that was yesterday, it acted almost like a spinnaker. We could sail it in the range of 180 to 90 degrees without being collapsed and gib. Of course in the situation of an regatta we will most likely not sail it with the wind at 180 degrees. Anyway it makes the sail very flexible and we look forward to test it further south.

Yesterday also Knut Johan came onboard with vacuum packed bags of flour that we should have in order to have fresh bread on board. We can only hope customs officers do not respond to all the white powder we have :)

Tomorrow is the departure day and the final preparations are soon finnished. Lars will later today put on board part of the fishing gear we are going to have with us from his shop It is worth a visit for the fishing enthusiasts.

We will also collect the trysail which has been to re-sewing at Gran Seil so that things start to fall into place.

Ship o'hoi

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